“Stop making such a big deal of it, at your age my life was much harder!”

If your parents were children during the Nazi era and World War Two then you would be considered as so-called “Kriegsenkel” or WarGrandchild.
Just about all “Kriegskinder” or WarChildren will have undergone some very traumatic experiences that were practically never looked back on and re-appraised.
Their children often suffer – mostly unknowingly – from this transgenerational trauma that has been passed down.
This trauma that has been inherited across generations manifests itself in:

  • A sense of insecurity about life and not really trusting oneself to do things.
  • A false sense of one’s own limits.
  • Not being able to find one’s feet: always moving home as if fleeing from something.
  • Not being able to reach one’s own parents on an emotional level.
  • Not really being able to get in touch with one’s own identity.

Addressing these issues is a challenge, as is examining what lies behind them and initiating solution-finding processes. Of course having to live with these issues, without having processed them and moreover passing them on, is just as challenging.


Nach Oben
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Not only does nature reflect who we are, it also reflects who we could become. And the soul embraces every opportunity to flourish in harmony with those natural elements which touch it.


Inside the protected structure of a small group (a maximum of six participants) and reflected through nature, you concentrate on one aspect, one of your possible issues as a WarGrandchild.

  • Something you want to let go of, something you want to leave behind.
  • Something you want to reaffirm for yourself, a transformation, a change in roles.
  • A new chapter in life, a new responsibility that you wish to take on board.


  • Before the seminar: I will give you advice and support via email and via phone to get clarity on your issue.
  • During the seminar: you will fast and go on a solitary ritual walk of several hours through nature. You will come back with a story that you will recount to a supportive group in a circle who will mirror it for you.
  • After the seminar: I will give you advice and support on your issue in the context of everyday life.

Who can benefit

  • Your parents were children in the war.
  • You are aware of the consequences of war trauma that has not been processed.
  • You want to be in a position to tell a new story about your life.

Having 21years experience with my own soul-work, I know how important it is, to have a regular pratice. Therefore I offer small Souljorurneys – a day-long format – ajar to the seasons.

The group-size is limited to six people. You have the possibility and space to work on your topics regularly and try out the newly learned in your every day life. The group provides a stable setting  and due to the regular meetings, the challenging incorporation will be supported. It is not mandatory to attend all meetings.

Summer 2017 a 11 day rites-of-passage for WarGrandchildren is planned. More information coming soon.

About me


Dr. Iris Wangermann

  • Born in 1975. German-Austrian.
  • I have been occupied with my own WarGrandchild history since 1995. During this period my education as a qualified psychologist began, as did various trainings in further education, as well as self-awareness and self-experience groups, psycho-therapies and women-groups – always in search for holistic health.
  • In my education and training in Systematic Counselling (since 1998) I became aware that individual psychological problems have their origins in overall family systems. What motivated me in particular was that one can only change a system if one is motivated to change oneself.
  • In further education and training since 2006, using the nature-based process work (in the tradition and in the School of Lost Borders) and working with nature as its mirror, I have been inquiring the depth of my soul. Here I also learnt to appreciate and practice “the Way of Council” – a non-hierarchical form of communication which relies on empathetic listening and speaking from the heart. I also work with the medicine-wheel, the oldest holistic, nature-based psychology. I am a trained Vision Fast Guide (School of Lost Borders) and assisted Meredith Little & Scott Eberle (Ballcourt Fast – practice of living and dying).
  • My most important teacher though is nature herself, with millions of years experience, wisdom and knowledge about holistic and healthy solutions for change and process work.
  • From 2009 to 2012 I completed 950 training sessions in the peaceful martial art of Aikido according to the method taught by Dirk Kropp. The training experience was a very formative experience in that it allowed me to discover that the causes of conflict can be found in the human soul, just as their solution can be found there. Since 2013 I practice regularly Yoga.
  • Also having an influence on me has been my training in client centred dialogue according to Carl Rogers (2001-2003), where I first came across the mirroring method, which I later encountered again in nature-based process work. What was important to me was the approach that all persons are best equipped to analyse their own situation and to work out solutions for them, if they find themselves in an appropriate environment for such a process – as in nature.
  • Qualified Intercultural psychologist. Operating as an autonomous mentor and trainer in supporting and consulting groups and being a personal coach since 2004. From 2012 (winter semester) to 2014 (summer semester): acting professorship in Intercultural Business Communication at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. I am a member of PAKH, study group of intergenerational consequences of the holocaust, SIETAR, the Wilderness Guides Council and the Kriegsenkel e.V.
  • It is my believe that for working with people a certain ethical posture is necessary – besides having a professional background. Read more about my orientation here.

My role as a facilitaor

  • I am not a psychological therapist, but a facilitator with long years of experience in change processes. The latin word “facilitare” derives from “to make it easy”.
  • I am not controlling your process and I am not the one brining it forward. But I provide you with a safe room for you to move into it, and I will be by your side.
  • Of course I bring in my knowledge and impulses.
  • I work with circular methods
  • I believe that the best answers for your unique self are already within you. I am at your side, accompanying you, to get hold of your treasure.


Nach Oben
SouljourneyLittle SouljourneyBig SouljourneySpeechesInitiatives


  • Friday, 19th August (03:00 pm) – Sunday 21st August (01:30 pm) 2016
  • Where: Tagungshaus Karneol – Sellen 2 – 48565 Steinfurt – www.tagungshaus-karneol.de
  • Tuition: 120,- bis 180,- Euro – Sliding scale, to give everybody a chance to participate. Pay what you feel is appropriate.
  • Overnight stay and food (Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee break with cake & Dinner. Water): 144,- Euro in a twin bedroom. Single rooms: plus 10,- Euro/night. There are single rooms for all participants.
  • Sunday, 10th July 2016
  • Sunday, 9th October 2016

Where: Haus Hardt – in the middle of  the woods. Bergisches Land/close to Cologne


  • public-domain-images-free-stock-photos-high-quality-resolution-downloads-public-domain-archive-19-1000x667Time: 10:00 – 05:30
  • Tuition: 60,- Euros
  • Participants: max. six
  • Please bring some food for a Brunch

Please sign up via Email. Spots are limited.

A ten day rites-of passage/Vision Fast is planned for 08/2017. For more information, please send me an Email, or sign up for the Newsletter.

  • 5th November 201612239541_889716817791769_5596831177895294556_nKonzertmesse, Dortmund
  • 4th June 2016Eleder-Younger Council Facilitation, “About us” weekend, PAKH, workgroup on intergenerational causes of the Holocaust.
  • 18th – 20th March 2016Inner Diversity – Outer Diversity & Identity. WarGrandchild conference, Loccum (Kriegsenkel e.V.).
  • 13th November 2015Participant at the panel discussion “Psychosocial consequences of the 2nd WW, for the 3rd generation”. M. Büchel, Kuntsbühne Oberursel.

Initiative 8th May – 70 years end of war anniversary


8th of May 2015 was the 70 years end of war anniversary. A network of people from the WarGrandchild work (Munich, Lake KOnstanz, Dortmund and Köln/Cologne) took a stand against the forgetting and for inner and outer peace.

  • Where: nature reserve Cologne Melaten cemetery. A quite interesting place, where death and blooming life are closest together.
  • We walked to the war graves and memorials of the first and second world war and held a Council about “inner and outer peace”. Then each of us took off for a single and slient walk and came back with an asnwer refelcted by this place.
  • Pictures  (Scroll down for the Cologne initiative).


For Enrollment, Questions or further Information call: +49 221 94387345 use the contact-form or Email me: Info@Kriegsenkel-Seelenreise.de

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